“We deliberately boiled the situation”: How Mikhail Prokhorov ran the Russian biathlon

The ups and downs of the billionaire as president of the Russian Biathlon Union – in the Forbes gallery

Billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov announced on April 16, almost two months after the Sochi Olympics ended, that he was retiring from biathlon. On May 20, new elections will be held for the president of the Russian Biathlon Union (SBR), and Prokhorov will not be a part of them. He will be accompanied by its executive director, Sergei Kushchenko. However, Prokhorov did not rule out that in the future he will take part in one of the most popular winter sports – it is not clear only in what capacity.

“I’m not taking the material and technical base with me when I leave. Let’s see who will take over the biathlon and talk about my participation. We often made unpopular decisions. It was a thankless job, but I love that kind of work. Thanks to everyone who supported us and everyone who criticized us,” the billionaire explained. Forbes recalls the path of Mikhail Prokhorov in Russian biathlon.


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