Biography and Facts

First business He worked as a lecturer for the Znanie Society. In 1987, he gave lectures in Kogalym, where he got acquainted with Vagit Alekperov. In 1995, he established the broker company Lukoil-Reserve-Invest, the foundation of the future investment holding.

Equity stake in Lukoil (9.3%). Together with Alekperov owns Private Assets, which manages their closed-end funds.

Figures $480 million received in Lukoil dividends in 2021.

Heirs In November 2018, gave his children 17 million shares of Lukoil (2.46%). In April 2022, this stake was worth about $1.1 billion.

Sanctions In June 2017, Fedun and Alekperov’s investment company IFD Capital was put on the sanctions list of the US Ministry of Finance for owning the Riviera Sunrise Resort & Spa hotel in Crimea. Fedun called it a “bureaucratic error”, but still left the board of directors of the company.

Sports Since 2004, together with Alekperov, owns FC Spartak-Moscow, heads the board of directors of the club, annually allocates tens of millions of dollars to support it. Spartak last won the Russian championship in 2017.

Collection Collects works by Nikolai Roerich.


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